• Encouraging, inspiring and empowering wellness.


Welcome to my website, which aims to encourage emotional and physical wellness, supported by balanced nutrition and a positive mental attitude.

I am a wife and mother of two, striving to live a happy, healthy life, following recovery from disordered eating and Complex-PTSD. I am now an author, nutritional advisor, restorative yoga teacher, qualified personal trainer, martial arts instructor and run a local eating disorder support service.

This website is an accumulation of lessons learnt throughout my journey so far. I plan to continuously develop this site to enhance information that will promote a balanced way of living, in the hope that it will inspire others. I hope you find it helpful.



A cookbook with a difference, offering 117 healthy, balanced recipes alongside nutritional advice, empathetic quotes and inspirational messages. Emma’s philosophy favours natural, unprocessed nutrition and moderation over elimination. This book combines the experiences of real people who have overcome disordered eating, body image issues and low self-esteem with trustworthy advice to effectively support long-term positive change in how you experience and interact with food and your body.


This empathetic handbook has been created for people affected by any form of disordered eating. Thoughtfully compiled by experienced authors, it is a comprehensive guide through every stage of your recovery, from recognising and understanding your disorder and learning fully about treatment, to self-help tools and practical advice for maintaining recovery. Encouraging quotes are included throughout from people who have walked this path and found the help they needed. You are not alone on this challenging journey.

Encouraging, inspiring and empowering wellness.

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